1. Daniel D Yisrael

    Praise Yahweh Ben Yahweh, I thank Yahweh for you and want to add I am forever learning. Anything I have sent out from me is part of the process of my growth. I am in no way intending to deceive or mislead but share what I’ve learned. I am realizing I should continue in my studies and leave the teaching to Yahweh but simply reflect His light as an example. I have learned a lot and have the open mindedness to investigate all aspects of the subject matter. I am simply trying to repent and return to my Father as required to enter Heaven. If I miss represent the information as uninformed I realize there are unintended consequences, therefore I will discontinue spreading MY words and give back by posting Yahweh ONLY as THE source and continue preparing myself for Yahweh’s use. Thank you for all your work.



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